here is movin to Blogger!

this Blog is Movin to HERE !!

yesterday i also said but change to other server.
the serveris.... Blogger!
from now on i update here.
then i dont update this server(excite blog).
c ya again on Blogger!! ;)
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today i hav news about the blog here.
it is ... this blog will move to other server soon.
coz this server is easy to use but it hav only a few functions...
then it wont change blog title n contents.
but dont worry, it doesnt disappear.
well, good night! :)
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a little fears
i said before but today i was taken out the stitches 4 the operation 4 appendicitis.
then i felt a little fears... :(
coz a new doctor took out the stiches...!
at that time the situation is.....
me          "ouch!"
the old doctor  "no, u do in this way."
the new doctor  "oh, yes, i see..."
if u hav such a situation, what do u feel?
of course i felt a fear... x(
im like his subject of an experiment!
but i forgive it coz it finished without accident... :P

by the way do u know 'otolog'?
i started it from yesterday.
'otolog' is music blog service that records all the music which we listen every day with iTunes. *'otolog' means sound log in japanese*
THIS is my otolog.
if u r interested in it, look! :)
u can know what i listen 2 music.

now, after this i take a bath n sleep.
moikka! ;)
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elatus -maintenance-
at length long maintenance of excite blog finished!! :(
sooooo long!!
waitin waitin waitin ....! :I
i should forgive coz usin excite blog 4 free...
but its extended 4 more than 10 hours!
i wish it keeps appointed time!
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kukka -flower-
hav u done 'Organic HTML'?
its interestin!
found it in this blog.
u can c ur blogs or HPs flower only by inputtin ur URL n clickin triangle in the right :)
this picture is the flower of blog here.
really reduced it coz the flower sticks out from it.
if u havin ur blog or HP, lets do it!

♪todays song♪
f-f-f-falling / the Rasmus
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d0029105_19135634.jpgdo u know NARUTO?
soo interestin!!
i dont often read comics.
but there r a few comics that i like :)
NARUTO is one of them!!
its vol 28 was on sale on june 3.
i dont tell the story coz i want u 2 read!
if not havin read it yet, u should read! ;)
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umpisuolentulehdus -appendicitis-
ltns!! ;)
last friday i hav heavy stomachache n saw the doctor :(
then turned out 2 be taken appendicitis!! :o
so i had an operation 4 it.
dont remember the operation bcoz of general anesthesia :P
the operation finished without accident :)
doctor said my appendix is three times an average man!!
n i entered hospital from last friday 2 today.
the treatment will soon finish after doctor has my stitches out friday :)
now the stitches being out from the stomach!
strange feelings...!
n laughing, feel a pain in the stomach :.(
should b careful someone never make me laugh!!

a little while ago came back from hospital n saw the Rasmus' HP :)
then it was renewed on June 11!!
it said a studio report of new album will get into ORKUS n ROCKSOUND!!
of cource buy them!! ;)

♪today's song♪
madness / the Rasmus
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changed 2
recently im hooked on tinkerin with the source program of the blog!
noticed again?
changed the skin n tinkered with the source program.
flowere of the new skin is daisy :)
became like summer more than before?
n color of the scroll bar alco changed into orange.

now sooooooooo sleepy!!!!!!!
so i go 2 bed soon!
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hello~~ ;)
already noticed??
today, changed the font of this blog into Comic Sans MS!!
became lovely??
i pretty like it :)

then i will still hav tests tomorrow :(
so im busy and it hav few writings...
n coz i havnt lots of free time recently,
maybe i cant write Japanese ver. of the blog from now on...
sorry... x(

well, i hav to go now...
c ya take care!! :)

♪today's song♪
in my life / the Rasmus
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tauko -pause-
Pitkästä aikaa. :)
Miten menee?
(Hi! Long time no see. How r u?)

I came back day before yesterday on a school trip to Hokkaido!
I was soo excited and had a sooo good time!!

Well, I have a news for this blog.
Here is paused for just one week.
'Cause I'm busy for studing for tests!
Forgive me! lol

C u again after one week!

Yötä!! ;)
(Good night!!)
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