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Long time no see! ;)
How are you?
Sorry not writing for a long time 'cause tired...

d0029105_21233698.jpgWell, I bought a guide of Finnish with CD by Amazon.
If resding this blog before, you know the reason.
'Cause I'm interested in Finland and wanna study Finnish since before.
The reason I knew is that it's introduced a blog.
A clincher is that it have only two stocks!!

Then I read it and listening the CD a little.
I'm found of reading out.
I feel it's "y" that alphabet of the most difficult pronunciation.
And feel "uu", "ä", "~tä", and so on are atmosphere like Finnish. :)

Finally, told the word of an interesting pronunciation!!
It is..... "Moro, moro"!!!
Means "Bye-bye!" (used by friends)
The pronunciation of "r" must trill one's r's.
And the accent is a head.
Let's read out!

 Moro, moro!!

You'll soo laugh if an Japanese at least!! lol

♪Today's song♪
Bullet / The Rasmus

*Sorry, can't write in Japanese today.I have no time. x(
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