umpisuolentulehdus -appendicitis-
ltns!! ;)
last friday i hav heavy stomachache n saw the doctor :(
then turned out 2 be taken appendicitis!! :o
so i had an operation 4 it.
dont remember the operation bcoz of general anesthesia :P
the operation finished without accident :)
doctor said my appendix is three times an average man!!
n i entered hospital from last friday 2 today.
the treatment will soon finish after doctor has my stitches out friday :)
now the stitches being out from the stomach!
strange feelings...!
n laughing, feel a pain in the stomach :.(
should b careful someone never make me laugh!!

a little while ago came back from hospital n saw the Rasmus' HP :)
then it was renewed on June 11!!
it said a studio report of new album will get into ORKUS n ROCKSOUND!!
of cource buy them!! ;)

♪today's song♪
madness / the Rasmus
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