a little fears
i said before but today i was taken out the stitches 4 the operation 4 appendicitis.
then i felt a little fears... :(
coz a new doctor took out the stiches...!
at that time the situation is.....
me          "ouch!"
the old doctor  "no, u do in this way."
the new doctor  "oh, yes, i see..."
if u hav such a situation, what do u feel?
of course i felt a fear... x(
im like his subject of an experiment!
but i forgive it coz it finished without accident... :P

by the way do u know 'otolog'?
i started it from yesterday.
'otolog' is music blog service that records all the music which we listen every day with iTunes. *'otolog' means sound log in japanese*
THIS is my otolog.
if u r interested in it, look! :)
u can know what i listen 2 music.

now, after this i take a bath n sleep.
moikka! ;)
by r-leap | 2005-06-17 23:17 | päiväkirja -diary- | top
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