alakuloisuus... -gloom-
Lately I'm getting down...
And be tired for many things...
It's only music to be able to heal me.
Maybe do I fall May diseaese? :(

Yesterday I went to the musium to see the exhibition of mysteries of the human body.
It was so interesting and surprised me.
U can know full information by this HP.

♪Today's song♪
Still Standing / The Rasmus
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new album - Hide from the Sun -
d0029105_237283.jpgHei !!
Miten menee ?
(=Hi!! How r u ?)
I'm soooooo happy !!!
coz seing the news about The Rasmus' new album "Hide From The Sun"!!!!
The album will be released on sept 12!!

©Timo Isoaho

and the first single will be available on Aug 29!!
Looking forward to them!!!

♪Today's song♪
First Day Of My Life / The Rasmus

*So sorry! I'm realy sooooo busy lately x(
For the present won't be able to write in Japanese and quite often write blog... :(
Probably several times a week I'll write
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suomi -finnish-
Long time no see! ;)
How are you?
Sorry not writing for a long time 'cause tired...

d0029105_21233698.jpgWell, I bought a guide of Finnish with CD by Amazon.
If resding this blog before, you know the reason.
'Cause I'm interested in Finland and wanna study Finnish since before.
The reason I knew is that it's introduced a blog.
A clincher is that it have only two stocks!!

Then I read it and listening the CD a little.
I'm found of reading out.
I feel it's "y" that alphabet of the most difficult pronunciation.
And feel "uu", "ä", "~tä", and so on are atmosphere like Finnish. :)

Finally, told the word of an interesting pronunciation!!
It is..... "Moro, moro"!!!
Means "Bye-bye!" (used by friends)
The pronunciation of "r" must trill one's r's.
And the accent is a head.
Let's read out!

 Moro, moro!!

You'll soo laugh if an Japanese at least!! lol

♪Today's song♪
Bullet / The Rasmus

*Sorry, can't write in Japanese today.I have no time. x(
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kiireinen=33 -busy-
Recently, I'm very busy and tired!! x(
'Cause I have two tests tomorrow and day after tomorrow and should hand the report by tomorrow!!
Hope Sunday comes asap!!
Well, I have no time.
C ya!! ;)

♪Today's song♪
F-F-F-Falling / The Rasmus

in Japanese
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the arabia ware in finland
Today I went to Forest of ceramic art with my family by car :)
It took us about one hour.
There is a lot of nature there.
In Ceramic art pavilion I saw The Scandinavian Stylish Design -The Arabia ware in Finland-.
There was many earthenware of the design that had not been seen, Moomin's earthenware and mysterious objets and so on.
"the guide to get your Nordic desighn"(guide book) I bought there
Will I be a little familiar with Finland by it? lol

←pic:stub of an admission ticket

♪Today's song♪
Heartbreaker / The Rasmus

in Japanese
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5th album "DEAD LETTERS" of The Rasmus
my rate:Great! ***** / Better **** / Good *** / OK ** / Poor *
d0029105_1703210.jpg 1. First Day Of My Life *****
 2. In The Shadows *****
 3. Still Standing *****
 4. In My Life *****
 5. Time To Burn ****
 6. Guilty *****
 7. Not Like The Other Girls ****
 8. The One I Love ****
 9. Back In The Picture ***
10. Funeral Song ****
11. F-F-F-Falling *****
12. If You Ever ***
13. What Ever ***
14. Everything You Say ***
15. In The Shadows (video)
16. First Day Of My Life (video)
(11~16 Japanese ver. bonus tracks)

It's also for Japanese easy to listen.
Most songs have dark, melancholy and beautiful melodies.
u can listen some tracks(short ver) official site(at the left of top page).

...Recomend soooo much!! :)
...It's my best favorite album!!
...I've been listening to it for one year or more though I haven't got tired yet!!

♪Today's song♪
Madness / The Rasmus

in Japanese
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INTO *****
Today I introduce 4th album "INTO" of The Rasmus!!
my rate:Great! ***** / Better **** / Good *** / OK ** / Poor *
 1. Madness *****
 2. Bullet ****
 3. Chill ****
 4. F-F-F-Falling *****
 5. Heartbreaker ****
 6. Smash ***
 7. Someone Else ***
 8. Small Town ****
 9. One & Only *****
10. Last Waltz ***

It's for Japanese easy to listen.
It's a lot of pop rock songs.
But it's some melancholy songs.

...It's one of my favorite albums!!!

♪Today's song♪
Chill / The Rasmus
↑I feel this song apt for a rainy day and Lauri's sigh is so hot!! xD

in Japanese
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tyhmä -fool-
Today, I do something foolish!!
Thinking it's Thursday today, I went the crammer!! lol
What a fool!!
Instead, need not go the crammer tomorrow! :)

I found a fortune telling that so hit one more.
It's Kabbalah.
It said today a happening happens to me
and day before yesterday I have small pleasure.
I needn't have a test day befere yesterday though I said before.
It's really hit, isn't it?!

♪Today's song♪
One & Only / The Rasmus

in Japanese
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kalenteri -calendar-
Just now I noticed not changing the calender to May.
So I changed.
And it's a picture of The Rasmus. :)
↓This is the picture of May!!

♪Today's song♪
Looked In The Dark Side / Negative

in Japanese
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huhu -rumor-
Today I was to have had a little large words test in English class at school.
But!! My teacher left it!!
So I needn't have it today!!
Not remembering all them, I was relieved.
Then it being holidays from tomorrow, I'm glad!!

Just now I saw The Rasmus offitial site.
It said there is a rumour that Aki will be the drummer in a band for a russian girl in the Eurovision Song Contest.
But that is just not true.
He is busy to recording next The Rasmus album.
I'm soooo looking forward to next album!!
And I wish they will be back to Japan in this year again!!!

♪Today's song♪
All I Want / KILLER feat. Lauri Ylönen

in Japanese
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