povaaminen -fortune telling-
d0029105_21484571.jpgToday, my friend told me "fish fortune-telling".
She said it sooo hit!
Then I tried it...
So it was really hit!!!
My fish character is a frogfish.
Its picture is to the left.
I didn't know such fish.
My result of the fortune-telling is this.
The result said I'm a kind pacifist who mild and inconspicuous.
And it said she compatible with me!!!
I'm glad!
But I've already understood such a thing!! lol

And it's Pauli's birthday today!!
Hyvää syntymäpäivää!!!

Then it's holiday is called Vappu in Finland today.
Vappu is a name of the girl who appears in the normothermia mythology.
And it's a big event for students.
It's said that Vappu is a day usually quiet Finns become cheerful once a year!

♪Today's song♪
About My Sorrow / Negative

I decided to write "Today's song" from today!!
It's a song my feelings on the day♪
Listen if you interested in it!

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paahtoleipä -toast-
What is this?
It has no name.
'Cause my mother thought it.
Though possibly you feel it looks dirty, it's sooooo nice!!!
Scrambled eggs, tomatos, and cheese are on the toast.
And it's just good for lunch.
Having time, I'll write how to make!!

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japanin kieli -japanese-
I decided to write with Japanese translation in this blog from now on.
I think it becomes more study in English.
And if being a Japanese, you'll understand the content more.
I added Japanese in previous blog.
I feel this Japanese tone is interesting.
'Cause it's Japanese translation of interview of foreigner in magazines!!
Do you think so, don't you? lol
But it's not such a tone in usual Japanese. lol
Possibly, 'cause I'm Kansai people, do I feel so...??

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unohtaa!! -forget-
Oh no!
Yesterday, I forgot to watch TV!!
Its program name is "Travel of Finland -country of design and aurora-" .
It was broadcast by BS JAPAN.
I wanted to watch!!
Tooo late!!! x(

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koe... -test-
Hi, how are you?
I'm not fine...
Today, I got soooo bad marks(3/10!!) in the test of math at the crammer.
So I was scolded very much by the teacher.
And my head was attacked with a file folder!
But I didn't hurt at all. lol
Haha, my skull is as hard as granite!! lol
I'll certainly get good marks in the next tests!!

Oh, it's time that I should sleep.
See ya!

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onnekas!!! -lucky-
©tasapaino elämä

Have a look!!
I coming home from school, the poster with autograph of The Rasmus have reached my home!!!
I'm soooooo happy tonight!!!
This is elected only to three people.
I won it!!
How lucky I am!!!
Great thanks, The Rasmus and people who had me win!!!!!

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Hyvää syntymäpäivää !! -Happy birthday-
It's Lauri's birthday today!!
Lauri, Happy birthday ☆.*:'*.:・.

Lauri is a singer with my most favorite band The Rasmus though it was delayed to say.
Well, I introduce them now...

photo: L→R Pauli, Eero, Lauri, Aki

The Rasmus
The band Rasmus formed as a school band at the age of 15 in 1994 in Finland.
The members at that time were Lauri(vo), Eero(b), Pauli(g) & Janne(ds).
In 1996, they released their debut album Peep which sold Gold.
In 1997, they released second album Playboys which also sold Gold soon.
Soon after, they received their first Finnish Grammy in the category of Best New Act.
In 1999, they released their third album Hell of a Tester.
Drummer Janne left from the band in the same year.
And drummer Aki newly joined the band.
In 2000, the band was renamed from Rasmus to The Rasmus.
In 2001, sales of forth album Into which released in the same year is well over Double Platinum.
In 2002, they recieved their Finnish Grammy in the category of Best band, Best single (F-f-f-falling), Best rock/pop band and Album Of The
In 2003, they released the single In The Shadows which sold Platinum.
Afterwards, their fifth album Dead Leters was released.
It ranked high with the chart most Europe.
They recieved their Swedish Music Award in the category of Best forign song, MTV Europe Award in the category of Best nordic actand so on.

*extracted from official site.

Did you become detailed a little about The Rasmus, didn't you?! lol

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tiedekunta -faculty-
Today, the gathering for academic and career counseling was held at school.
I think I'll try for the college of pharmacy 'cause the pharmacist's license is useful in the future and my father's job that relates to the medical treatment .
However to tell the truth, the subject that I wanna study most now is foreign language.
But I dislike and am not good at subjects of liberal arts course except English...
Oh, which should I choose...

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biologia -biology-
I came back from the school just now.

I've to go to a crammer of biology at 8:00 p.m.
Biology is difficult though interesting but, I don't think so.
They often said that biology is a subject only of the memory.
Recently, the speed of the class is fast...
I wish my teacher teached more slowly...

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"Iltaa" means "good evening" in Finnish.
I'd been interested in English since I began to listen to music(in English) three years ago.
Then I felt to want to know about the meaning of lyrics.
And I feel to become speak English well.
So I decided to keep this blog.
I'm not good at English...
However I'm interested in Finnish(Finland), too!! lol
If there is class of Finnish at school, I could study in Finnish!!
I wanna study in Finnish!! lol

Well, I'm already sleepy...
Hyvää yötä!! (...means "good night")

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