How do you do?
Hauska tutustua! (means "How do you do?" in Finnish)
I'll keep this blog in English from today.

First, I introduce myself a little.
I'm a Japanese high-school student living in Japan.
My hobby is listening to rock music.
My faborite bands are The Rasmus, Keane, Negative, Evanescence ,and Lacuna Coil.
I'm a biggest fan of The Rasmus!
Then I take an interest in Finland because they come from Finland. lol
I'll introduce them someday.
And tell the truth, I have another blog.

The name of this blog is "tasapaino elämä" that (seems to) mean "ordinary life" in Finnish.

I think possibly you feel incompatibility in my English...
I manage to hold out in English learnt at the school!! lol
Please tell me when you find mistake in my English!!

in Japanese
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